About us

Geyser Creative Group (the company behind Objects in my room) first began life as a creative studio in 2000.

Started by myself, a designer, and my hubby Giles, a filmmaker, we initially ran it from our home in Torbay – a small seaside village on the North Shore of Auckland. It was the perfect lifestyle balance with our three sons. But with growth came a move to offices, and by 2016 we had a thriving agency.

In 2016, the worst happened. Giles died suddenly from cancer. There’s no words to describe the grief that followed. Picking up the pieces of my life, an eclectic homewares store had been a dream I had held for as long as I can remember. And in a way, Objects became my love letter to Giles. A new beginning. A curated collection of special things, each with its own story, each adding to your story.

And through it, creating meaningful connections and building a stronger community, through shared values, together.

Our guiding principles


It’s why we do what we do. Creativity is the rainbow in the world of beige and everyone loves a double rainbow!


We’re nothing without each other. Art and objects help tell our stories and it’s our stories that bring us closer and make our worlds smaller.

Conscious collecting

We live by the ‘buy and collect only what you love’ while ‘leaving as small a footprint as possible in the process’ mindset.


It’s our special sauce, the rocket fuel that gets us outta bed and gets the doing done.

Kath Knight
Founder & Director
027 343 5811