June 22, 2022

Objects in a trattoria

Objects in a trattoria

‘Ritrovo del Viandante’ loosely translates to ‘the gathering of the people on foot who go away from the city, especially if tired, thirsty, hungry and poor … or on an adventure.’

We stumbled on this extra special trattoria in Ugento, a UNESCO protected village, South of Bari in the Salento region. So many special objects in every nook and cranny. I was in eye candy heaven 🤩

With just one chef, Viancenzo (pictured), cooks for a sitting of 100 each night, and told us he could do much more! We figured he must have a bloody good dishwasher. What a legend.

Sad we didn’t get to eat there, I think it would be as delicious as all the objects.

La prossima volta 'next time'.

Kath x