October 20, 2022

A brighter, bolder tomorrow

A brighter, bolder tomorrow

Spring is finally here and with it a riot of blossom colours, a central theme for colours trending for 2023.

After a long love affair with cool neutrals, there’s an exciting shift to more bolder choices and creating spaces that make us feel great.It’s about adding bursts of colour for a pop of joy. And what better way than with flowers and plants to inspire life and colour.

The good folk at Pinterest did some data crunching and ‘biophillic’ design is a search that comes up tops. In plain English, it simply means ‘a love of nature’. Biophillic design is a way in which designers incorporate nature into spaces to contribute to the health and wellbeing of its occupants. It’s a narrative that’s front and centre with colour experts for the coming season:

Herbaceous greens like sage, olive and eucalyptus are here to stay and leafy wallpapers aren’t going away anytime soon. Biophilic prints and patterns are great options, also gentlier greens for bedrooms, and darker, more mysterious greens to add a timeless twist to living or dining spaces.

Blue is taking the lead once more. Calming and tranquil, opt for hues that nod to oceans and skies. Blue brings tranquillity, making it perfect for spaces where you spend time relaxing.

Terracotta, warm clays and fruity, tropical oranges add instant warmth to an otherwise cold space. Orange is also the colour of happiness and who doesn’t want more happiness in their home.

Lavender and raspberry hues are also ‘it’ colours for 2023. They’re hues that represents ‘wellness and escapism’, instilling balance after what’s been a crazy few years.

Bringing back the bling – 2023 is the year of luxury detailing once more! The darker the blue, the more sophisticated your home will look and an easy way to embrace lux is by adding a touch of gold.

And lastly, uplifting yellow. Golden hues add a pop of joy and optimism. Florals and flowers inject instant colour and warmth into any area.

Of course trends are just trends, and a home is curated over time, a collection of your own enduring treasures, style and experiences. It’s all about shaping your world from the inside out, mixing and matching, following your gut and doing what feels right for you.

Image sources: Farrow&Hall

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