Sunset Orange Vintage Herki runner

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Back from a visit to my friend Abdul who always has the best rug stories (and vintage rugs) including this Herki rug from a series he handpicked in Turkey. These special, one-of-a-kind carpets were hand knotted between the 1930s-40s by young women from the Herki tribe, primarily from the mountainous area where the borders of Turkey, Iran, and Iraq meet.

At around age 15, the girls in the tribe began working on their own rug which eventually became part of their future dowry. It's why they're renowned for their unique colours and patterns, making them very different from any other vintage rug from this region.

After handpicking the rugs, Abdul then works his magic on them with lengthy sun baths (yep its a thing!) and shaving … anyhoo this special one has made it to the room ready for rehoming to yours.

Made from 100% wool, hand knotted
Size: 318  x 84cm

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