September 17, 2021

Not all tea towels are created equal

Not all tea towels are created equal

While I've been stuck at home and counting the days to freedom (and a meal out), I’ve found myself doing a serious amount of dishwashing and in the process, also discovered my tea towels have literally worn themselves out.

So in the spirit of Marie Kondo, I've begun relegating all the ripped, stained and manky tea towels to the rag basket and set about injecting more joy into the thankless task of dish drying. Turns out, there’s a lot more to the humble tea towel than meets the eye.

Move over supermarket tea towels, I’ve settled on these quality guys from George St Linen (a home grown brand out of Whakatane). Made from 100% pure Belgium flax linen, they’re available in a bunch of modern, earthy colours that look far too good to go in my kitchen draw. Not only lovely on the eye, most importantly they absorb water far better than their cheaper mates out there, and better still, they'll last a lot longer. Hey, who knows, even my sons might pick one up!

Now, if I’d wanted to go next level (yep there’s another level people), check out these 100% vintage linen tea towels made by local artisan Jo Muir of Fig and Honey. I can't quite bring myself to dry dishes with these beauties so I've repurposed mine as a table cloth which got the fruit bowl all hot and bothered its so darn sexy.


If you’re done with old tea towels check out our collection and who knows, you might discover some untapped joy too through an unlikely object. Sorry no can send at level 4 but look out level 3, we’re coming for you.

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