April 28, 2023

Making a difference, one home at a time

Making a difference, one home at a time

Nestled in the heart of Silverdale is a small charity making a big difference. Woven Earth NZ creates safe and beautiful spaces for families to rebuild their lives violence-free.

Behind Woven Earth is a story of true resilience. Founder Kerryn Trupp’s own journey is an inspiration. As a survivor of family violence herself, she understands first hand the overwhelming struggles of those her charity is helping.

Many women have to flee homes without money or possessions, and it’s one of the biggest barriers for them leaving violent relationships. Refuges have limited ability to provide these essentials and that’s where Woven Earth comes in. Liaising with the Refuge, the charity is an essential link in supporting women in their decision to leave, providing practical support and helping integrate them, and their children, into new and safe communities.

Volunteers gather high-quality furniture, beds, bedding, homewares and whiteware, setting up entire houses, making beds, stocking pantries and cupboards and turning soulless houses into warm and loving homes.

On average, they’re helping 3-4 families a week set up new homes. Yet depressingly, demand for their services is higher than ever highlighting the importance of supporting this charity as a community. By donating and volunteering, we can assist Woven Earth to continue helping families to move forward with hope and dignity, changing lives one home at a time.


“We are all woven together by our journey on earth and we all need communities of people, whether it is one, some or many to survive and thrive and be part of the world again.”

Kerryn Trupp, CEO & Founder, Woven Earth NZ


If you’re looking for something special for your Mum this Mother’s Day, Objects in My Room is hosting an evening in the room on Thursday 18 May to benefit Woven Earth.

Starting at 6pm, tickets include drinks and bites on arrival, Kerryn sharing her story, followed by an art and objects auction. Best of all, all proceeds raised will directly benefit Woven Earth NZ and the incredible work they are doing. Tickets are limited and cost just $25 per person.

Book your spot now at https://events.humanitix.com/an-evening-in-the-room-with-woven-earth-nz

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